An accelerating digital marketplace and remote workplace requires us to take full advantage of digital tools to stay competitive and connected.  Adapting to and leveraging a predominantly digital environment requires a mindset shift, confidence and skills. 

Digital Leadership 1.0

Virtual networks and digital capabilities matter. Consumers and Employees rely more and more on digital communities and social media for connection, learning, advice, and transactions. Consumers use social media to learn and connect, and retailers must meet them where they with personalized experiences.  Success will be accelerated for those who can access their networks to collaboratively solve the most pressing problems and learn from others’ successes and failures.  

The existing opportunity for the automotive industry is to more effectively use technology to optimize growth, differentiation, and efficiency.  By augmenting your physical community with a strong digital presence and virtual capability, you will see new opportunities and be more relevant to your customers and employees.

This customized program focuses on developing technical confidence and proficiency AND the mindset, skills, and processes to support a virtual environment.

Digital Tools

Gain confidence in using digital tools and platforms effectively.

Lead Virtually

Build skills to lead teams and connect with customers in a virtual environment.


Build Community

Begin cultivating a digital community.

Social Media

Demystify, navigate and use social media intentionally.

Leverage Digital

Identify new opportunities to leverage a digital marketplace and virtual workplace.


Customized to your business, and build for your team.

A collaborative curriculum

Our Digital Leadership courses combine an online community with live sessions to create a pragmatic approach to engaging your organization.

Digital Leadership 2.0

A follow up, and more in-depth addition to 1.0 is our 2.0 accelerator course. Accelerate leadership capability to leverage digital skills in a virtual environment to focus, align and inspire teams to achieve key organizational goals, regardless of the VUCA environment. 

Participants are able to articulate high level outcomes and plans to leverage virtual tools and social media platforms to achieve relevant business targets. Create team communication and messaging plans to engage team in virtual and digital culture.  Engage and collaborate with other leaders to build tools that allow for participants to continue beyond this program.

Design Principles

Design Principles and Implications

  • A 30 Day virtual program with scheduled, live, interactive growth and connection sessions.  
  • Self-paced online learning environment with guided content that serves to support live sessions.
  • LeaderEngage will work with your team to understand guidelines and policies (approval, scope, platforms,etc.), challenged- store, area, region, corporate, brand
  • Learn how to create and develop content like videos, social posts and cross-platform engagement
  • Create “buddy” system and support toolkit for participants’ managers

Why we are different

The LeaderEngage team has worked with all sizes of corporations and businesses to engage teams with collaborative training to further capability. We have an expansive network of partners spanning a wide range of talent and skillsets to meet today’s challenges of running a modern business.   Our curriculum developers focus on creative, impactful content that is adaptive based on each client.

From Our Clients

“The Digital Leadership program has built our capability and we are seeing a positive impact on our company.”

Bud Denker

President, Penske Corporation

We want to drive revenue, and this has definitely given us that. What a transformation!

John Cragg

EVP of Operations, Penske Automotive Group

Virtual Learning Community

Our Digital Leadership courses provide self-paced learning, combined with instructor-led live sessions.