Amplify your impact, amplify others’ contributions, amplify results!

Do you value what women and men uniquely bring to an organization?

Do your leaders and managers know how to nurture a culture that inspires, engages, and

optimizes both men and women?

Do you want to attract and retain more women?  Do you know why that is important?

Gain perspective on how women and men uniquely contribute to organizations

and amplify their collective impact on your results and culture.

This leadership experience simultaneously builds capabilities at three levels in the organization:
  • Individual leaders learn to amplify their unique voices in ways they can be heard.
  • Men and women leaders work together to appreciate, support, and amplify the best of each other.
  • Leadership teams learn to collectively create a culture that amplifies results by accessing the best of everyone.

This program will help participants:



Consistently be their best,

and inspire others to do the same. 


Discover their “voice” and articulate it in ways that they can be heard.


Create and nurture a culture that amplifies the collective voice of the organization.

This 6-month leadership experience focuses on understanding and amplifying
men’s and women’s unique contributions to results.

Men and Women learn differently and contribute differently.  A group of women and a group of men will each learn specific skills to amplify their own impact. The cohorts will also work together to better understand and support each other’s unique contributions, amplifying their collective impact by fostering a truly inclusive environment.

Women will specifically build capabilities to:

  • Discover their “voice” and articulate it in ways that they can be heard.
  • Amplify their impact and influence through their clarity and presence.
  • Lead with their unique perspectives, wisdom, compassion, energy, and skills to the workplace, in ways that support business objectives and a thriving environment.
  • Mentor and coach each other and the next generation of women leaders, to demonstrate and grow the value of their contributions to the business and create an environment that attracts, develops, and retains other women.
  • Mentor men to understand and value women’s unique contributions to results, innovation, and culture.


Men will specifically build capabilities to:

  • Lead with clarity, courage, and compassion in an increasingly complex and diverse environment.
  • Develop and support key leaders in new ways.
  • Listen with openness, ask questions for deeper understanding, and uncover and leverage insights and talents in a new way.
  • Open their minds to new ways of seeing the impact.
  • Cultivate valuable relationships that expand their network of influence and leadership while supporting other leaders to do the same.

The program supports individual and group development through a combination of virtual and in-person experiences. Participants will enhance their awareness and capabilities, support the development of other key leaders, and expand their valuable leadership network.

The customizable program may include:

Leadership Assessment

Learn to consciously elevate wellbeing, effectiveness, and impact.

Facilitated group modules build awareness and capability to:

  • Discover for Clarity
  • Uncover for Impact
  • Recover for Resilience

Individual coaching sessions to customize and deepen learning, and peer mentoring with support.

  • Mutual learning for leadership development.
  • Deepen relationships within, and across, participant and mentor cohorts.

Guided check-ins and accountability support with “peer pods” between group sessions.

  • Support connection, focus, and accountability.
  • Accelerate the application of learning and impact.

Quarterly check-ins following the program completion to deepen and share learnings and sustain group connections (2 check-ins).



Our programs combine an online community with live sessions to create a pragmatic approach to engaging your organization.

Why we are different

The LeaderEngage team has worked with all sizes of corporations and businesses to engage teams with collaborative training to further capability. We have an expansive network of partners spanning a wide range of talent and skillsets to meet today’s challenges of running a modern business.   Our curriculum developers focus on creative, impactful content that is adaptive based on each client.