How to Film your Congratulations Video

Step 1

Place your camera on a solid support. You can use a phone, tablet, webcam or any device that you have, and we primarily want to ensure we can hear you properly. 

Step 2

Film in a quiet area that is well lit.  The goal is to congratulate and welcome each person to your team. You should include each person that is going through this month’s training in ONE video. 

Step 3

Be Creative! This is an exciting moment, and we want that energy to convey through your video.  (You can see a few examples of creativity below.)

Sample Script:  “I’m excited that ‘Dan Jones, Amy Langer and John Siva have joined us! We appreciate each and every one of you.  I can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year and where your career with Penske takes you! Welcome to the team!”   

Step 4

Upload your video to the Dropbox link provided to you. (If you use a mobile device, you can open the link from that device as well).

Simply click “Add Files” and select your video. Type in your name and email.

(No need to edit your video or add graphics; we will do that).

Watch a few great examples below!