Digital Leadership 1.0 (Penske Edition)

An accelerating digital marketplace and remote workplace requires us to take full advantage of digital tools to stay competitive and connected.  Adapting to and leveraging a predominantly digital environment requires a mindset shift, confidence and skills. 


Digital Leadership 1.0 focuses on developing technical confidence and proficiency AND the mindset, skills and processes to support a virtual environment.

Virtual networks and digital capabilities matter.  Consumers and Employees rely more and more on digital communities and social media for connection, learning, advice and transactions.  

  1. Consumers use social media to learn and connect, and retailers must meet them where they with personalized experiences.  
  2. “Likes” are the new currency. You can no longer be afraid to be “out there” or share your learnings and point of view.  
  3. Digital identities are now drivers of reputations and connections, and play a key role in recruiting talent and in developing relationships with customers.  
  4. Success will be accelerated for those who can access their networks to collaboratively solve the most pressing problems and learn from others’ successes and failures.   

The existing opportunity for Penske is to more effectively use technology to optimize growth, differentiation and efficiency.  By augmenting your physical community with a strong digital presence and virtual capability, you will see new opportunities and be more relevant to your customers and employees.

The program will be delivered virtually, in an interactive and engaging format.  We propose 3 in-person 60-90 minute Zoom sessions, supplemented with prework and homework between sessions. We will also offer 1:1 support to each participant prior to, during and following the program to ensure program outcomes are achieved.

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Course Includes

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